Which Vehicles need a CVIP

All commercial vehicles, buses, and heavy duty trucks must have valid inspection certificates and decals to avoid fines.

Inspection Process

A qualified inspector will take the vehicle on a road test. The inspector will be evaluating things such as; wheel noise, brake function, transmission condition, lights, and steering. The Vehicle is then brought to the shop where the exhaust system, front end, suspension, and tires are looked at. The inspector will also take off the tires to ensure the brakes are working properly.

What is CVIP

CVIP is the commercial vehicle inspection program. It is found in section 19 of the vehicle inspection regulation. The program outlines which vehicles need to be inspected and how often.

Where can a CVIP be done

A CVIP inspection needs to be done by a qualified inspector. You will want to find a shop that has the equipment and the know-how to preform this inspection safely and correct. At Alberta Auto and Truck Repair we pride ourselves on the fact that our shop use the newest technologies and trained professional to make sure your vehicle is safe to operate.

Why is a CVIP necessary

The goal of the Alberta Government as well as the people at Alberta Auto and Truck Repair is to make sure that your vehicle is safe. The last thing we want is for your vehicle to cause an accident because something was overlooked or missed on an inspection. We want to protect your drivers and the people driving around them.